Analysis and identification of new technologies and trends in the field of special machine construction and additive manufacturing Collaboration with national and international research institutions and cooperation partners to develop forward-looking solutions Participation in scientific studies and events to expand our knowledge and expertise in the field of special machine construction Conducting feasibility studies and endurance tests of equipment, materials, or components Use of innovative materials and technologies to optimize the function and performance of additively manufactured parts and components

Development of customized machines and systems that meet specific requirements Identification and implementation of optimization measures to improve development processes in special machine construction and additive manufacturing Development of complex components and assemblies using additive manufacturing Conceptualization, planning and design of additively manufactured parts and components Use of CAD tools and 3D printing technologies to realize the concepts and designs Optimization of production processes and systems through the use of additive manufacturing to increase efficiency and productivity Development, design, implementation, monitoring and optimization of special automation solutions Conducting simulations and tests to optimize the function and performance of additively manufactured components and parts and ensure safety

Invention of innovative machines and systems aimed at enhancing the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing processes, thus contributing to economic development Use of state-of-the-art technologies and materials to improve the sustainability and environmental compatibility of our products and solutions Creating new jobs and promoting education through close cooperation with research institutions and schools Improving the quality of life by developing machines and systems that contribute to people's health and safety Development of new technologies and solutions that contribute to overcoming the social challenges of the future, such as climate change, energy or the shortage of skilled workers Promotion of the regional economy through close cooperation with local partners and suppliers Creating new opportunities for resource efficiency and circular economy through the utilization of additive manufacturing processes combined with material and component recycling.

Developing technologies and solutions that help to improve energy and resource efficiency in industry and thus reduce the carbon footprint. Promoting digitization and Industry 4.0 to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency in production and quality assurance, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of companies. Creating jobs through the development and production of customized machines and systems. Development of technologies and solutions aimed at improving workplace safety in the industry, thereby preventing accidents and injuries. Supporting training and further education in technical professions and fostering the next generation in the industry. Creating technologies and solutions that help to improve people's quality of life, for example through the production of medical technology. Networking and knowledge transfer between companies and research institutions in order to strengthen the innovative power of the entire industry and thus also solve social challenges.