The Pillars of our Success.

Our engagement, our skilled team and the technology in which we trust are the pillars of our success. We are ambitious and define high requirements for our products and the materials we use.

About Us

MMB is a capable partner in the fields of product planing, construction, programming, CNC Fertigung, assembling, process optimisation and special purpose machinery manufacture for different sectors

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Our Team

Modern construction techniques and well trained staff arrange fast, uncomplicated, high effective and optimal tailored solutions for your production process.

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Newest Technology

Our modern technology is able to provide everything you need. Our machines are fast, convenient. The newest milling- and processing-centers as well as our wire EDM machines are used to build the machine concepts.

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Our Machines are our Soul.

With our ever-expending machinery we are able tomasterevery challenge we come across. We always try to provide our clients with thebest technology. Everyone who knows us knows that we always deliver thehighestquality. Our clients appreciate that very much.


Unsere Vorzüge

  • Highest Precision: Because we manufacture most parts by ourself we can guarantee the highest precision and interaction of our items to our clients.
  • Maximum Speed: The parts we produce in own work never take a long journey so we can use them immediately after they are finished. That’s how we guarantee a high pace
  • Punctuality: Punctuality is a big factor in our philosophy. We are a partner that you can rely on.

Always up to Date.

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We’ve got a new Website!

Our new Website has successfully launched. We sincerely hope that you find what you are looking for and thank you for your interest in […]

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