Our team will be happy to perform the commissioning from the side of mechanical and technical programming for you. In addition to the introduction to the functionality of the system as well as any adjustment and preparation work, you’ll get an exact instruction to the program interface and its functions. Especially during the training […]

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Through our qualified installation team, the respective components are installed and tested with the utmost care. Any changes and necessary adjustments are documented and inserted in the documentation, the customer receives.

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2D/3D CNC Manufacturing

Equipped with modern milling and machining centers and wire erosion machines our parts manufacturing manufactures via CAM connection to design the required parts for the machine concepts. Manufacturing of spare parts can also be realized in the shortest time possible.

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Process Optimization

In every phase of designing and projecting facilities you’ll find professional contacts who quickly and competently develop systematic problem analysis and solution proposals and convert it into active planning and construction.

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3D construction

At MMB construction and execution are closely connected.
3D constructions with the CAD system Inventor supports both input and output of native data in various formats. Using MasterCAM connection and our modern processing centers, the components needed can be made in the shortest time possible.

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